Watch SEC Network Online

The SEC Network is here! Watch SEC Network online twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The SEC Network features live broadcasts of SEC football games on television and streamed in high definition over the Internet.

Hard to find SEC sports programming is finally at our fingertips and on demand.

Watch SEC Football Games Live Online – Our collection of game streams for each of the 14 SEC schools.

The Southeastern Conference and ESPN have formed a new television network and online platform to showcase SEC sports to the masses.

ESPN owns the SEC Network and the Southeastern Conference owns all of the content.

Watch SEC Football Online

The new SEC Network features over 1,000 games, matches and events the first year alone, 450 games on TV and another 550 games streaming live online.

The new network will also have extensive coverage of SEC media day, spring football games, signing day and more.

Some of the SEC Network’s original programming besides actual sports telecasts include:

  • SEC Nation – A two hour live pregame show broadcasted from a different SEC campus each week.
  • The Paul Finnebaum Show – A four-hour radio show featuring SEC sports topics.
  • SEC Storied – Film series exploring historical SEC topics.
  • SEC Rewind – Classic game replays pulled from the huge SEC treasure vault.
  • SEC Now – News program featuring up to the second SEC information.

During the first year of live programming, there will be forty-five SEC football games, over one hundred SEC basketball games, seventy-five SEC baseball games and a huge selection of events from the seventeen other SEC sports broadcasted both on the television network and streamed live online.

This means that during football season, the league is slated to offer three games each weekend exclusively on the SEC Network – an early game at 11:00AM, an afternoon game at 3PM and a night game at 6:30PM.

Each game will be broadcast live online on the SEC network.

Watch SEC Network Football Games Online

Subscribers will also be able to access additional programming from each of the member schools on SEC Network Online.

The channel will feature historic coverage of SEC football games and programming tailored to each SEC team, especially online.

Current list of local and national cable companies carrying the SEC Network:

  • Arthur Mutual Telephone Company
  • AT&T U-verse
  • Auburn Essential Services
  • Audeamus, LLC
  • Ayersville Telephone Company
  • BEK Communications Cooperative
  • Bright House Networks
  • Brookings Municipal Utilities dba Swiftel Communications
  • Camellia
  • Cascade Networks
  • CenCom, Inc. IPTV
  • Central Arkansas Telephone Cooperative
  • Cherokee Telephone Company
  • Chickamauga Telephone Corporation
  • City of Dunnellon dba Greenlight Dunnellon Communications
  • Comcast
  • Com Net, Inc.
  • Cox
  • Delcambre
  • DISH Network
  • Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc
  • Fulton Telephone Company
  • Garden Valley Telephone Company IPTV
  • Glandorf Telephone Company
  • Google Fiber
  • Grafton Technologies
  • Greenlight D unnellon Communications
  • Hardy OneNet
  • Highland Communciations Services
  • IdeaTek Systems, Inc.
  • Integra Telecom, Inc.
  • LUS Fiber
  • Madtel
  • McClure Telephone Company
  • Mid-Plains Rural Telephone dba Mid-Plains Communications
  • Minford Telephone
  • myEVTV
  • North Dakota Telephone Company
  • Northeast Missouri Rural Telephone Company
  • Olin
  • Palmetto Rural Telephone Cooperative (PRTC)
  • Peoples Services
  • Plateau Telecommunications
  • PTC Communications
  • Randolph Telephone Membership Corporation
  • Rural Burleigh Cable
  • Russellville EPB SmartNet
  • Siren Communications
  • Smithville Telephone
  • Southern Montana Telephone Company
  • Spruce Knob
  • SPTC Telcom
  • Suddenlink
  • Sunset Communications
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Trenton Telephone Company dba Tennessee Valley Network (TVN)
  • Tri-County Telephone Association (IPTV)
  • United Telephone Mutual Aid Corporation IPTV
  • Valu-Net, LLC
  • Vaughnsville Telephone Company
  • Waldron Telephone Company
  • Wheat State Telephone (ENFUSION)
  • Whidbey Telecom
  • Wilkes Comm
  • Wilkes Telephone
  • Yadkin Valley Telecom IPTV

The goal of the new network is for all fourteen schools to produce enough original content to fill the SEC Network with programming 24 hours a day.

Each school has invested millions of dollars updating their facilities to be able to meet ESPN television and digital requirements for broadcasts.

The conference and member schools have made the commitment to produce new and exciting content and ESPN will be hiring over 100 new employees to help the SEC Network be successful from the start.

This means that there should be more than enough content for all SEC football fans!

During football season, CBS still owns the rights to broadcast the SEC football game of the week, but ESPN owns the rights to the rest of the games.

And, the games will be spread across all ESPN platforms including ESPN2 and ESPNU.

The SEC Network will carry three football games on Saturdays in three different time windows – an early, late afternoon, and evening game.

Watch SEC Network Online

Some other changes to look for when the SEC Network goes online:

  • Look for an extra conference game to be added to the SEC football schedule. No more eight game league schedules, everyone wants nine, except maybe the football coaches. In the end, ESPN will want nine conference games and will get them, probably as soon as 2015. And, look for distribution of the most anticipated games spread evenly throughout the season.
  • Fans will be able to watch more SEC basketball and baseball games than ever before. Also, look for an upgrade in scheduling – as in more quality opponents.
  • Everyone will continue to talk about adding new schools to the current conference lineup. It has to come. Expansion will come sooner than later and the SEC Network will facilitate it. A&M and Missouri were huge additions and perfect opportunities for the league. Look around for large, new markets that fit the footprint – Virgina, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Florida (FSU) – and there you have it.
  • ESPN will take control of the official SEC website and use it as the vehicle and access point for all online programming. If you plan on watching any SEC sporting event, you will be able to find it on the SEC Network online.

ESPN is currently in talks with cable providers around the country and infrastructure must be added.

This includes over 100 new jobs and major investment from ESPN, not to mention huge investments made by the conference and the universities.

The SEC Network’s home will be Charlotte, housed in the brand new, $20 million ESPNU facility.