2021 SEC Football Schedule Grid

Here is our convenient, printable 2021 SEC Football Schedule Grid for all the SEC football games during the 2021 SEC football season. Find each weekly football game for all the SEC teams with our one page SEC Football Schedule for the 2021 season.

The 2021 SEC football schedule was finalized by the Southeastern Conference in late January. As we get closer to the season, some games and dates may be moved by the SEC. Look for the schedule to be updated with a few changes before September.

Last year, the SEC played a 10 game, conference only schedule due to Covid-19. For 2021, each SEC school plays twelve games with one open date during the regular season. All SEC football teams play 8 conference games – 6 divisional games and 2 revolving inter-conference games – and four out of conference games.

If you are looking for our helmet schedule, please visit our 2021 SEC Football Helmet Schedule here.

The SEC Football Championship Game will be played on December 4, 2021 in Atlanta. The 88th Sugar Bowl will be played in New Orleans on January 1st, 2022. Games marked with an asterisk are played on a neutral field or different date.

2021 SEC Schedule Tickets Sep4 Sep11 Sep18 Sep25 Oct2 Oct9 Oct16 Oct23 Oct30 Nov6 Nov13 Nov20 Nov27
Alabama Crimson Tide Tickets *Miami Mercer @UF USM OM @A&M @MSU UT OPEN LSU NMexSt ARK @AUB
Arkansas Razorbacks Tickets Rice Texas GaSou *A&M @UGA @OM AUB UAPB OPEN MSU @LSU @BAMA MIZZ
Auburn Tigers Tickets Akron AlaSt @PennSt GaSt @LSU UGA @ARK OPEN OM @A&M MSU @SC BAMA
Florida Gators Tickets FAU @USF BAMA UT @UK VAN @LSU OPEN *UGA @SC Samford @MIZZ FSU
Georgia Bulldogs Tickets *Clemson UAB SC @VAN ARK @AUB UK OPEN *UF MIZZ @UT CharSou @GT
Kentucky Wildcats Tickets ULM MIZZ Chatt @SC UF LSU @UGA OPEN @MSU UT @VAN NMexSt @UofL
MSU Bulldogs Tickets LaTech NCST @Mem LSU @A&M OPEN BAMA @VAN UK @ARK @AUB TennSt OM
Missouri Tigers Tickets CMich @UK SEMO @BC UT NTexas A&M OPEN @VAN @UGA SC UF @ARK
Ole Miss Rebels Tickets *UofL AustinP Tulane OPEN @BAMA ARK @UT LSU @AUB Liberty A&M VAN @MSU
S. Carolina Gamecocks Tickets EIU @ECU @UGA UK Troy @UT VAN @A&M OPEN UF @MIZZ AUB Clemson
Tennessee Volunteers Tickets BGSU PITT TNTech @UF @MIZZ SC OM @BAMA OPEN @UK UGA SAla VAN
Texas A&M Aggies Tickets Kent *@CU NMex *ARK MSU BAMA @MIZZ SC OPEN AUB @OM PrairieV @LSU
Vanderbilt Commodores Tickets ETSU @CSU Stan UGA UConn @UF @SC MSU MIZZ OPEN UK @OM @UT

2021 SEC Football Schedule Grid

If you are searching for a one page SEC schedule then you’ve found it. Scroll down a bit below and print out the 2021 SEC Football Schedule right from this page. And, you can click on any game for gameday ticket information.

Make sure that you set your printer to landscape and print it in color, it’s a beautiful SEC football schedule and ready for your wall! All 14 schools in the SEC have finalized their 2021 football schedules.

2021 SEC Football Schedule