2013 SEC Football Schedule Grid

This is the 2013 SEC Football Schedule Grid for all SEC schools for the 2013 SEC football season. Find the games for each SEC team on this one page SEC Football Schedule for the 2013 season. Each school plays twelve games and has two open dates during the regular season. The SEC Football Championship Game will be played on December 7, 2013 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Arkansas Razorbacks Hogs Tickets ULaLa Samford USM @Rutg A&M @UF SC @BAMA OPEN AUB @OM OPEN MSU @LSU
Auburn Tigers Aub Tickets WashSt ArkSt MSU @LSU OPEN OM WCar @A&M Fla Atl @ARK @UT UGA OPEN BAMA
Florida Gators UF Tickets Toledo @MiamiF OPEN UT @UK ARK @LSU @MIZZ OPEN UGA VAN @SC GaSou FSU
Georgia Bulldogs UGA Tickets @Clem SC OPEN NTexas LSU @UT MIZZ @VAN OPEN @UF AppSt @AUB UK @GTech
Kentucky Wildcats UK Tickets WKen MiamiO Louis OPEN UF @SC BAMA OPEN @MSU AlaSt MIZZ @VAN @UGA UT
MSU Bulldogs MSU Tickets OkState Alcorn @AUB Troy OPEN LSU BGrn OPEN UK @SC @A&M BAMA @ARK OM
Missouri Tigers UM Tickets Murray Toledo OPEN @Ind ArkSt @VAN @UGA UF SC UT @UK OPEN @OM A&M
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South Carolina Gamecocks USC Tickets UNC @UGA VAN OPEN @UCF UK @ARK @UT @MIZZ MSU OPEN UF CCar Clem
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11 Responses to “2013 SEC Football Schedule Grid”

  1. 2013 SEC Football Schedule says:

    Looks like the Gators and Rebels play the most games (4) of all the SEC schools when an opponent is coming off an open date in 2013. Mississippi State plays three teams coming off a bye week. Five schools have two opponents coming off of a bye week. Nothing like the 2010 schedule when Alabama had six opponents coming off bye weeks, though.

    Number of SEC football games with an opponent coming off bye week by team on the 2013 SEC Football Schedule and the team’s opponent after each open date:
    Alabama(2) – Ole Miss, LSU
    Arkansas(2) – Auburn, MSU
    Auburn(1) – Ole Miss, Arkansas
    Florida(4) – Tennessee, Georgia
    Georgia(2) – North Texas, Florida
    Kentucky(1) – Florida, MSU
    LSU(2) – Alabama, Texas A&M
    MSU(3) – LSU, Kentucky
    Mizzou(0) – Vandy, Ole Miss
    Ole Miss(4) – Alabama, Arkansas
    South Carolina(1) – Florida, Clemson
    Tennessee(1) – South Carolina, Vandy
    Texas A&M(1) – Ole Miss, MSU
    Vandy(2) – Georgia, Florida

    Wasted bye week: Georgia vs North Texas

  2. elwood barker says:

    Ole Miss plays too many hard teams in a row. Teams like Bama, Auburn, A&M, LSU, and Idaho. That will brake any teams back.

  3. Will Godwin says:

    First I would like to say that I am a die hard Auburn fan, also a huge SEC fan! With me making that point I like the idea of teams stepping up and playing these SEC teams in the regular season non-conference games. For example week 3 Tennesse vs Oregon; Because now everyone will see the difference between a one loss SEC team and an undefeated Notre Dame. The reason for saying this is because these teams such as Notre Dame and so on are playing these NOT SO GOOD Schools all year long, who wants to watch another terrible National Championship game. I am gonna end by saying congrats Bama, and WAR DAMN EAGLE

  4. Lamar Croyle says:

    We need another all-SEC National Championship Game like Bama vs LSU last year and Bama vs Georgia this year. I’m sick of hearing about USC, Oregon, Notre Dame, Michigan, Florida State, etc. The Pac 12, Big 12, ACC, and Big Ten schools just can’t compete with the SEC in football. The playoff system coming in 2014 will shut these SEC haters up forever.

  5. David Covington says:

    The SEC is kind of light on OOC games this year, but I do like seeing Virginia Tech, Texas, Oregon, SMU, North Carolina, Central Florida, Oklahoma State, TCU, Clemson, Florida State, Louisville, Miami, Rutgers, and Georgia Tech on the SEC schedules.

    Best Early Games – UGA vs Clemson, South Carolina vs North Carolina, Miami vs Florida
    Biggest Pounding – UT at Oregon, Bama vs Virginia Tech
    Worst Game – Auburn vs Wazzu
    Crappy OOC Schedule Awards – Auburn, Mizzou

    Hardest 2013 football schedule in the SEC – South Carolina
    Easiest 2013 football schedule in the SEC – Auburn

    • Michael Woodcum says:

      @ David Covington: “Hardest 2013 football schedule in the SEC – South Carolina”?!? I would think it is Kentucky followed by Arkansas. Not only does Kentucky have Bama and MSU out of the West, they also have Louisville out of conference. Then looking at Arkansas, having to play the gauntlet of SEC West teams, they go to UF and hose USC from the East while traveling to NY to play Rutgers. Carolina mean while doesn’t have to play Bama, A&M or LSU out of the west. Ark is rebuilding and while MSU is no Kentucky, SC should handle those two teams without much resistance.

  6. Gern Blanston says:

    As good as Texas A&M played last year, and considering they knew more than 2 years they would be playing in the SEC in 2012, their OOC schedule is painfully weak compared to most of the other strong teams in the SEC. An OOC schedule of Rice, S Houston, SMU, and New Mexico is not exactly a murderer’s row. While every SEC team has a couple of “cupcakes” on its schedule, most of the stronger teams have at least one competitive game against a normally solid BCS conf team: (Bama v Va Tech, UF v Miami and Fla St, UGA v Clemson and Ga Tech, LSU v TCU, Miss St v Ok St, Ole Miss v Texas, So Car v No Car and Clemson, & Tenn v Oregon). Recognizing that sometimes scheduling is a difficult task, if A&M wants to prove it can consistently be a contender, it should work harder to schedule better OOC opponents. After all, every other quality SEC has done so.

  7. Jen says:

    I love this schedule – it’s the 1 SEC schedule I print every year. Thank you!

  8. Jon Jon says:

    Looks like Arkansas and Miss State have the toughest stretches. Arky: TA&M, Fla, SC, Bama. Miss St: South Car, TA&M, Bama, Arky. Ouch.

    After not having to play Bama, LSU, or Arkansas for TWO YEARS, Georgia finally plays ONE of them, LSU. Georgia, Mizzou, South Car, and Vandy have the weakest schedules. Hell, pretty much any EAST team has the weakest schedule because the East is WEAK!!!

  9. Jon Jon says:

    Bama is the only SEC team that consistently opens against another top non-SEC school. And it continues in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. What other school does that? Oh yeah, NO ONE! Roll Tide!

  10. Jon Jon says:

    Oh, let me rephrase that… Bama is the only NCAA team…

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