2012 SEC Football Schedule Grid

This is the 2012 SEC Football Schedule Grid for all SEC schools for the 2012 football season. Find the dates and matchups for each SEC team for each fall weekend on this one page SEC Football Schedule. Each school plays twelve games and has one open date during the regular season. The SEC Football Championship Game will be played on December 1, 2012 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Print a 2012 SEC Football Schedule here. Future SEC Football Schedules2013 | 2014

2012 SEC Schedule Grid Tickets Sept 1 Sept 8 Sept 15 Sept 22 Sept 29 Oct 6 Oct 13 Oct 20 Oct 27 Nov 3 Nov 10 Nov 17 Nov 24
Alabama Crimson Tide Bama Tickets Michigan WKen @ARK FlaAtl OM OPEN @MIZZ @UT MSU @LSU A&M WCar AUB
Arkansas Razorbacks Hogs Tickets JaxvilleSt Monroe BAMA Rutgers @A&M @AUB UK OPEN OM Tulsa @SC @MSU LSU
Auburn Tigers Aub Tickets Clemson @MSU Monroe LSU OPEN ARK @OM @VAN A&M NMexSt UGA AlaA&M @BAMA
Florida Gators UF Tickets BGreen @A&M @UT UK OPEN LSU @VAN SC UGA MIZZ ULaLa JaxvilleSt @FSU
Georgia Bulldogs UGA Tickets Buffalo @MIZZ FlaAtl VAN UT @SC OPEN @UK UF OM @AUB GaSouth GTech
Kentucky Wildcats UK Tickets @Louville KentSt WKen @UF SC MSU @ARK UGA @MIZZ VAN OPEN Samford @UT
LSU Tigers LSU Tickets NTexas UWash Idaho @AUB Towson @UF SC @A&M OPEN BAMA MSU OM @ARK
MSU Bulldogs MSU Tickets JacksonSt AUB @Troy SAla OPEN @UK UT MidTenn @BAMA A&M @LSU ARK @OM
Missouri Tigers MU Tickets SELa UGA ArizSt @SC @UCF VAN BAMA OPEN UK @UF @UT Syracuse @A&M
Ole Miss Rebels Rebs Tickets CArk UTEP Texas @Tulane @BAMA A&M  AUB OPEN @ARK @UGA VAN @LSU MSU
South Carolina Gamecocks USC Tickets @VAN ECU UAB MIZZ @UK UGA @LSU @UF UT OPEN ARK Wofford @Clem
Tennessee Volunteers Vols Tickets NCState GaState UF Akron @UGA OPEN @MSU BAMA @SC Troy MIZZ @VAN UK
Texas A&M Aggies A&M Tickets OPEN UF @SMU SCState ARK @OM @LaTech LSU @AUB @MSU @BAMA SHouston MIZZ
Vanderbilt Commodores VU Tickets SC @NW Presby @UGA OPEN @MIZZ UF AUB UMass @UK @OM UT @Wake

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  1. Marvin Pell says:

    It looks like the SEC discontinued the practice of every school playing Alabama after having the prior week off. Two years ago, Alabama played six SEC games the week after an opponent’s bye week. Last year Bama had three opponents coming off a bye week.

    This year Arkansas plays the most teams after their open date – three – South Carolina, Ole Miss, and Auburn. Missouri, Kentucky, and LSU each face two opponents coming off a bye week.

    The 2012 Mizzou schedule is the hardest one in the SEC, by far. ASU, Syracuse, and Central Florida is as tough a OOC schedule as it gets in the SEC. No other school comes close. The other schools play, maybe, one decent OOC game, the rest are cream puffs. MSU has the easiest schedule in the SEC, four directionals, UK, and UT. Throw in Ole Miss and that’s 7 wins easy.

  2. Brick City says:

    Marvin, while I may not agree Mizzou has the hardest non conference I will agree that Mississippi State has the easiest. Look at it by tradeoffs =>

    Mizzou plays 2 Top 25-50 teams but plays them both at home. Central Florida is not South Florida and South Florida is not Florida State

    The 4 pack must play cross conference rivals who are like conference rival games in other conferences so UF vs FSU = Alabama vs Auburn
    + Kentucky will play a Top 10 – Top 25 Louisville @ Louisville
    + Georgia will play a Top 20 – Top 40 Georgia Tech at HOME
    + South Carolina will play a Top 10 – Top 20 Clemson @ Clemson
    + Florida will play a Top 5 – Top 15 Florida State @ Florida State

    Two more SEC schools will play old ACC rivals in games played at neutral sites
    + Tennessee will play a Top 25 – Top 50 North Carolina State
    + Auburn will play a Top 10 – Top 20 Clemson @ Clemson – this will be the 50th game between 2 schools with so much entwined history

    Several more SEC schools will play major schools from the major conferences – Big 12, Big 10, Big East, and PAC 12
    + Mississippi will play a Top 10 – Top 20 Texas
    + Arkansas will play a Top 15 – Top 30 Rutgers
    + Alabama will play a Top 10 – Top 20 Michigan
    + Louisiana State will play a Top 20 – Top 40 Washington

    Realignment forced TAMU to buy 2 FCS schools but Louisiana Tech may be the Boise State of this football season

    I have no answer for Mississippi State and their having no major schools in the non conference schedule which leaves me with the toughest scheduler
    + Vanderbilt, who is a traditional cellar dweller scheduled a Top 15 – Top 30 Northwestern and a Top 25 – Top 50 Wake Forest {based on last season}
    While a decent football school like Mizzou scheduling 2 AQ schools is tough, a much weaker school doing it is pretty ballsy.

    When you consider that all the SEC schools must play in the toughest conference in america and everybody besides the Bulldogs schedules a solid power conference school I think 1 or 2 cream puffs is not bad at all. It is tougher to play 1 ranked non conference game and 1 FCS school than it is to play 2 schools from the MAC or CUSA. When you observe the SEC putting 5 different teams in the MNC against the best from the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, and PAC 12 and beating all of them it indicates they were prepared by playing so many good teams during the regular season. On top of the the SEC has been playing the extra Conference Championship Game for over 2 decades now and that makes some tough teams.

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